Maharashtra State Pharmacy Council (MSPC) has set up a Drug Information Centre (DIC) here, with the aim helping doctors & pharmacists in getting in-depth and focused drug information. The publications from MSPC’s DIC are one of the stepping stones to accomplish this objective. These books have been developed and published with a vision to provide organized, unbiased drug information to health care professionals as well as consumer. MSPC’s DIC have following publications.

1. Drug Information Bulletin:

The Drug Information Bulletin is our quarterly magazine published with a vision of imparting & updating knowledge of pharmacists. Every issue is been designed to update and motivate pharmacists to provide better healthcare to patients. The bulletin main part contains discussion/ information on query asked to DIC in that specific quarter in the section “Query of the Quarter”. Other important sections of bulletin are “Drug of the Quarter” and “Patient Information Column” for providing information about drugs, disease and related facts. In addition to this, bulletin focus on various other aspects such as new drug launches, banned drugs, new diseases, and their counselling tips, important notification from DCGI/ CDSCO, USFDA or European agencies such as EMA, EMCDDA.

2. Drug Interactions manual:

Councils DIC obtained consent from WHO, Geneva to publish useful & easy to refer booklet on drug interactions. This booklet consists of information on Drug- drug interactions available from WHO. The booklet also consists of information regarding Drug- Food interaction retrieved from various authentic resources such as Micromedex healthcare database, AHFS etc. This booklet will be useful for health care profession to update their knowledge about drug interactions.


3. Drugs harmful in pregnancy and breastfeeding:

It is a reference booklet for health care professionals while prescribing & dispensing the drugs in pregnant as well as breastfeeding/ lactating mother. As we all know pregnancy is the most important stage for mother and a child, so it is very important to update the knowledge about effect of drugs in this condition. It could also aid in minimizing medication errors in pregnancy & breastfeeding & thus makes a significant contribution to healthcare of our society.


4. WHO Model list of Essential Medicines For Children:

The first list was based on highly authenticated data from WHO Model list for children, October 2007. The 2 nd edition Based on highly authenticated data from WHO Model list for children, 2nd List (updated) March 2010


5. Drugs to be used with caution in Harmful in Liver & kidney impairment (Injury):

This book is based on highly authenticated data from WHO Model Formulary 2008. This book is been developed and published with a vision that, “most of drugs metabolized and excreted via liver and kidney resp. In case of liver or renal impairment or both, the rate of metabolism and excretion may decrease and lead to toxic effect, for that it is very important to get information about drugs harmful or need caution while using in Liver & kidney impairment”.

6. Guide To Patient Counseling:

This guide is a ready reference for the Healthcare professionals as it presents compiled information on Adverse drug reactions and dispensing tips for various drugs used, thus promoting Rational use of drugs


You can avail a copy from MSPC’s DIC office. For further details call on 022-25930607