Maharashtra State Pharmacy Council has started its Drug Information Centre (DIC) to disseminate unbiased drug information to healthcare professionals. MSPC’s DIC is a registered member of IRDIS, an International Register of Drug Information Services and also a member of INDIA-DRUG group. The centre keeps itself updated with other eminent groups working in health related area.

Maharashtra State Pharmacy Council (MSPC) has set up a Drug Information Centre (DIC) here, with the aim helping doctors & pharmacists in getting in-depth and focused drug information and to help medical faculty in monitoring adverse drug reactions (ADRs) by using powerful medical data base, thus improving patient compliance. DIC would be promoting safe, effective, rational and economic use of drugs by the patients.

Drug Information Centre will provide information for the physicians, hospital pharmacists, all the pharmacy colleges, medical colleges, health and allied professionals, governmental and regulatory agencies, non-governmental organizations, and community pharmacists.

MSPC's Drug information centre is invloed in training the community pharmacist on various aspects of drug, its usage and patient care through refresher and patient counselling courses. MSPC’s Drug Information Centre also has planned to help in Patient Counselling in hospitals. One of the major activities planned by the drug information centre is to provide instructions to the patients on usage of drugs. In near future, the council is planning to start a counselling centre to serve the needs of the outpatients in major teaching hospitals