Patient Counseling Course
A Patient Focused Approach

Maharashtra State Pharmacy Council’s Drug Information centre is a pioneer in structuring Continuing Education Programs (CEPs) for Pharmacist. The new Patient Counseling Course (PCC) was designed and the entire module was redeveloped by Maharashtra State Pharmacy Council’s Drug Information Centre. 

One of the most important professional roles of a registered pharmacist is patient education, commonly referred to Counseling. Counseling is beneficial to both patients and pharmacists. Communicating with patients is an important way to avoid medication errors and to help patients understand the intended effects as well as the side effects of their drugs. Accordingly, three days training course in Patient counseling is designed to fulfill the unmet needs of the pharmacist and empower them with the required knowledge.

The first batch for redesigned Patient Counseling Course was held at Sangli from 24th – 26th May, 2013. The course witnessed presence of 36 participants from Sangli. All the participants had undergone online refresher course prior to attending PCC. The 36 participant were equally divided into 6 groups.

A total of 14 lectures were covered by 10 faculty members (7 from Mumbai, 1 Pune, 1 Goa and only one local from Sangli).

The course covers following topics:

i)                    Concept of Pharmaceutical Care & Patient Counseling

ii)                   Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Requirements for Pharmacists

iii)                 Pharmacist & Patient Self Care

iv)                 Patient Instructions with NDDS and demonstration on how to use them

v)                  Understanding the basics of Hypertension

vi)                 Fever

vii)               Meals and Medicines

viii)              Patient counseling in Special Population

ix)                 Patient counseling in T.B., Asthma

x)                  Diabetes

xi)                 Hypercholesterolemia

xii)               Patient Adherence

Activities and hands on training on the following:

1.      Blood Pressure Measurement

2.      Glucometer Demonstration

3.      Demonstration on How to use an Insulin Pen correctly

4.      Demonstration of different inhaler devices and breathometer

5.      Case Studies

6.      Label activity (Each group is given a set of Drug names they are asked to identify one important instruction to be given to patient while dispensing that drug and stick an appropriate label from the sheet provided by DIC)

7.      Crossword competition on Meals and Medicines and Medical terminology

8.      Patient Counseling Competition (Each group is given a prescription and asked to enact it, the best group is felicitated)

Course structured and module developed by: