Drug Interaction Checker for Prescription

MSPC’s DIC have created its own indigenous CD based interactive software called as Drug Interaction Checker for Prescription (DICP) to detect Drug-Drug Interactions.
In this easy-to-use software (CD) thousands of brands with corresponding generic drug names are loaded in computer system as a database from which interaction message appears on screen, once prescription entry is made…………
Step 1 Enter Prescription by Brand/Generic Names in DICP
Step 2 Just click on GENERATE INTERACTIONS button
Step 3 All possible Drug Interactions in the given RX will appear on Screen..........

RED: Hazardous, major
BLUE: Moderate in severity
GREEN: Clinically Not Significant
Thus any adverse Drug Reactions can be nipped in bud in the first place.

1. DICP- I:

  The DICP- I is useful for pharmacist working in pharmacies, Hospitals or any other appropriate centers. They can check the prescription for any major interactions too with the help of this software. Based on this, pharmacist can counsel patients on appropriate aspects

The DICP- I comprises of five drug classes viz.
• Antihypertensive
• Antibiotics
• Antianginal
• Antiasthematics
• Antihyperlipedemic

Available at MSPC's DIC office.


Based on similar lines to DICP-I, previously launched by MSPC’s DIC comprising of five different therapeutic systems, DICP-II is ready to launch and soon will be available for all.
DICP-II contains three therapeutic systems
• Anti Retroviral
• Antiviral
• Anti tubercular
DICP-II will detect Drug-Drug Interactions in any given prescription for treatment of HIV, TB or viral infections. Pharmacist working in ART/DOT’s or any other appropriate centers can check the prescription for any major interactions too.